The Gift of Painted Walls

My parents went on a vacation. Amy and I took the opportunity to demo and repaint a troublesome wall in their basement. The damage was a result of poor drainage from the driveway. The drainage was corrected a few years back but by then the moisture had already seeped into the plaster over metal lath wall. Luckily the old wall came super easy and the bricks underneath just needed to be washed down. A final coat of paint and it looks pretty tidy.

As for our own house, there’s a lot been done, but we’re waiting on my completion of the final details before putting some new updates up.


The old wall:

Dust control up:

Coming off in sheets:

All down in about 20 minutes:

Not too much to clean up:

Before washing:

After washing and patching some holes:

First coat of paint and Amy the helper:

Some joint compound to smooth out old plaster:

Sanded and fresh paint:

All done:

Rad (But not as Rad as the Movie RAD)

Night falling sooner and trees changing color are definite signs of colder things to come. With this in mind I decided firing up the boiler might be a prudent measure. I had several pipes to nowhere however after removing the previously undersized and improperly fitting (it was designed for a steam system, not hot water like we had) foyer radiator. I spent some (ok, well a lot) of time this past week rerouting plumbing, burning the shit out of my hand with molten solder, dropping a mapp gas canister on my foot, assembling various bushings, and [cringing] while drilling a hole in my brand new floors. All is well however when I filled and heated the system and all my work held without leaks. Heat, huzzah!

Here is a throwback to the old setup (and the 90’s as you may recall):


The new (to me) Kohler radiator in place and plumbed:

photo 1

Amelia is already practicing for how much she is going to love this new radiator:

photo 2

Mapped Up

No real changes. That’s been an unbelievable thing. I put a map up tonight, we’ve been filling up the built in, and the new (to me) radiator is in place and I’m just waiting on some adaptors to show up so I can hook it up.




Finished Coat Rack

Put the freshly arrived hooks on tonight. Looks awesome.




Now That I’m Bored

Tonight marks a milestone of sorts. I had always told myself once I finished up all the vanilla house stuff (like you know, walls that aren’t going to fall down anymore), I’d use my new found skills and combine it with the creativity Amy and I have. Well that finally happened tonight. Using some of the leftover pallet wood from the wall we put up a while back, I used it to make a nice “headboard” if you will for what will become our coat rack. It’s not totally done yet. We’ll be adding 7 hooks for coats on there and I’ll also use my welder to put together an angle iron frame to cover up the edges. So the story goes I first cut some 3/4″ plywood to use as the backbone, stuck that to the wall with some construction adhesive and four 3″ deck screws into the studs. Then I cut the pallet boards to size and also put those in place with construction adhesive and my finish nailer. It turned out super nice for about the 2 hours of work I put into tonight after my “day job”. I’ll be sure and post a picture when the hooks are in and the frame is on.







Drumroll Please!

It’s been a trying couple of months. Tackling three major rooms in the house, while still maintaining our sanity was difficult, but the reward is evident. The 90s have been banished from our house – no more burgundy, forest green, navy blue, gold fixtures or striped wallpaper!

Now we can exhale and enjoy being in a clean and organized house… well, until the next project begins.










Primed and Ready

Quick update with a few new shots. Dining room, living room, and foyer all received a second coat of primer this morning. It’s still a bit wet in these pictures so the coverage looks spotty, but it’ll be a nice base for the finish paint. I hope to spray a coat of ceiling paint yet tonight. Kiyah’s bummed she’s stuck in the kitchen for now.


IMG_9361   IMG_9359  IMG_9360


Resistance (to progress) Is Futile

Despite sometimes not feeling like it, we’re still getting closer to the end. Many late nights and even a few early mornings have taken us to having the walls and ceilings in the living room, dining room, and foyer ready for texture and paint. I applied both coats of texture and when that’s dry, in about an hour thanks to the use of some fans and a dehumidifier, we’ll be able to apply the first coat of primer. I’ve learned my lesson and two coats of primer is the way to go. Otherwise that first drywall and joint compound is too dry and will suck up lots of the finish latex paint. Two coats of primer should mean only one coat of latex finish later. We have Royal Floors coming back to finish the maple in these rooms in a little over a week. That means both coats of primer yet this weekend and maybe a coat of ceiling paint (if I have enough). Painting the walls and prepping/painting the trim will hopefully be complete by the end of the week. Then it’s time for a long weekend trip out to Portland, OR and to take a tour of the Hanford, WA site. That was part of the Manhattan Project and should be awful interesting. Alright, here are a ton of pictures of the build up and progress…























Same Old, Same Old

Been too busy working to post any updates! Downstairs floors are scheduled for refinishing at the end of July so it’s a mad dash to finish up the ceilings and walls. I had some new steps poured in the back yard and then I added a little triangle of concrete to match up the wider stairs to the narrower walkway. Amy and I also had an amazing holiday in the UK for two weeks. It was kind of a big deal!












It’s A Huge Cover Up I Tell You

Work has continued. With the help of good friend Arnie, I tried out the drywall jack and let me tell you it a glorious thing! So the walls are all hung and the ceiling in the dining room is up. Next will be hanging the living room and foyer ceilings, opening up the cracks in preparation for repair, and than the big task of finishing all of the drywall. This weather has been total junk around here, but despite that I’ve been out on the dirtbike a handful of times including my first race of the year. I have some more big road bicycle rides on the horizon and some outdoor work as soon as weather permits. This is going to include repainting the front porch, getting new stairs poured in the backyard up to the garage, and just general lawn upkeep. Alright, pictures pictures pictures.

Here is the living room ceiling on deck for new drywall:
Photo May 01, 17 26 58

Kiyah is still helping:
Photo May 01, 17 26 34

Hung dining room ceiling and wall:
Photo May 01, 17 20 44

Photo May 01, 17 20 18

Photo May 01, 17 20 06

Arnie getting photobombed and the jack in action:
Photo Apr 28, 20 45 03 (1)

Photo Apr 28, 23 22 52

Arnie cracking panels:
Photo Apr 28, 22 10 00

This was an area I found to be sagging so badly I just decided to take it down and later shim it for the drywall. This was a great example of why the ceiling needed attention. Nearly 110 years of settling and vibration have left some areas on the verge of collapse:
Photo Apr 28, 22 09 51

You can see more of the cracks that were covered over:
Photo Apr 28, 21 45 22

Leaving a mark for some poor soul who has to redo all of this again in another 110 years!
Photo Apr 28, 20 24 55

She’s still helping:
Photo Apr 28, 20 23 33


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